Auf dem Hass-Karrussell

Es ist eine der meisterwarteten Videospielfortsetzungen der letzten Jahre – und momentan auch eine der meistgehassten: «The Last of Us: Part II».

Federico Gagliano10/06/20, 09:14 AM

«That means he knew he would screw up and ruin 2 of the best video game characters ever with WOKE bullshit. If you want people to actually hate your creation then that simply means you’re deluded. No-one makes anything for ppl to hate. Tlou («The Last of Us», Anm. der Red.) should have remained untouched»

Known Stranger, Twitter

«might wanna fire neil shitfuckhead… he is not the perosn (sic!) you want in charge of anything more valuable than a ziplock bag.»

Mr. Nemo,

«and i’m fucking mad again, was going soft a bit there and actually thinking of buying the game but nope. fuck cuckman and his agenda. wamen no sexy wamen muscles wamen strong fuck off»

fambruhh2288, Reddit

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